Amor no viu
Stefano Scarani / music / images
Julia Chiner / voice / images

Based on the lyrics of Ausias March, from the poem Cant espiritual (cant XIV)

Tangatamanu production 2010

Amor no viu from Tangatamanu on Vimeo

Crisalidi, for flute, electronics, live electronics and video.

Stefano Scarani, music
Julia Chiner, video

VideoAcousmatic version
Harrie Starreveld, flute
Stefano Scarani, live electronics

Audio recorded in Mexico DF on 1998
with the collaboration of Pavel Sandoval and Rodrigo Sigal
Edited in Milano, in Studio Arena
Video created in Valencia on 2009
by Julia Chiner

Produced by Tangatamanu
Thanks to Katia Perone and Giancarmine Arena
Crisalidi from Tangatamanu on Vimeo

Stefano Scarani / music / images
Julia Chiner / music / images / cello

Tangatamanu, production

Sebastian from Tangatamanu on Vimeo

Take and eat, this is my body. (Matteo, 26)
Interpretation of the figure of St. Sebastian by a female figure, where Revelation and Sacrifice are part of a single fate, the search for meaning through the Passion as a body instrument to reach the ecstasy in the merger.
Julia Chiner / music / images
Stefano Scarani / images
Tangatamanu production with
AGON acustica informatica musica

Nigredo from Tangatamanu on Vimeo
Putrefaction (Nigredo) is the way to the fertilization. Nigredo is the key of transmutation. Matter turn down it self, carry the germination. (J.C. Barchusen, Elementa chemicae, Leiden 1718) This metamorphosis is wached by a woman looks, in the her-self re-birth, every time differents, every time renews.
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Kore LIVE from Tangatamanu on Vimeo
Oquedades from Tangatamanu on Vimeo

Stefano Scarani / music, image
Julia Chiner / lyrics, voice, performance
a Tangatamanu production

Ivana Angelini, Antonella Simoni, Fabrizio Gilardoni and Visualbuilding
"En mi casa abatio' su rayo el amor"
Oquedades es una apertura, una grieta abierta sobre una tierra cerrada.
Los poros abiertos de un territorio que a un tiempo absorbe y segrega las imagenes interiores nacidas del excedente creado por la vida. Un espacio que se autoregenera en un continuo parto interior.
Julia chiner

Oquedades follows the path which I have taken for several years when dealing with poetic texts through electroacoustic processing, shifting the balance alternately along a sort of semiotic axis.
The text was recorded in various forms and subdivided according to timbre/duration/form. The electronic processing and the various distinctive typologies of natural vocal emission permitted the exasperation or the minimization of the phonetic characteristics of each particle. The material obtained in this way fluctuated between code and sound until the sense itself of the text was lost and reverted to a language far closer to the preverbal one, still uncontaminated by the share of language. Weeping, laughter, fear, amazement are all sensations that can be communicated without the aid of a fully-developed language and are common to the genus homo sapiens over and above culture and language.
It is a specific area which the learning of a code tends to cover, but which music - a refined abstract art par excellence - invariably succeeds in penetrating and representing, like dreams.
Stefano Scarani
Disphase from Tangatamanu on Vimeo

project, music, image
Stefano Scarani - Julia Chiner

Julia Chiner, Pergit Kilia, Susana Zorrilla, Stefano Scarani, Chiara Toloni
Giada Palloni, Laura Curti, Rita Curti

musicians Laura Catrani (voice), Alberto Morelli (prepared piano, percussions), Stefano Scarani (percussions, electronics)

a Tangatamanu production in collaboration with AGON acustica informatica musica
Disphase is a composition of word.
The lyrics were written in Marrakesh (Morocco) in 2000.
Monsters of imagination in Bosch's world,
the chaos of the suk, the smell of a no-time zone,
drawn in a terrible vision in my book.
Two years later I've been composed this delicate music.
From terrible to kind,
through a bland young female voice,
to emphasize hardness and softness in the same nature.
Its lyrics are considered as sounds.
The meaning transcends meaning:
sound is meaning, space is meaning.
A sound-shadow accompanies all the words and lyrics,
sounds and noises have the same importance.